Advanced International Trade in R


I tried to replicate Feenstra’s results in R, because I do not know Stata very well. To organize my notes, I used Quarto to present my R outputs in a decently formatted HTML file.

I have the first edition, so I am using the data from the first edition.

The links from Feenstra’s website are currently broken, so I went to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine to find the linked site (The Center for International Data) from 2005-03-08 and I downloaded it with wget (i.e., I run bash

All the datasets and Stata codes are intellectual property of Dr. Robert C. Feenstra. The R codes are of my authorship, but these are a translation of the Stata codes, so I released them under Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal.

Please do not hesistate to email me if this is useful, or if you have any questions or suggestions. My email is on my GitHub profile.