Creating LaTeX figures with Inkscape

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Mauricio “Pachá” Vargas S.


December 18, 2018

Updated 2022-05-28: I moved the blog to Quarto, so I had to update the paths.


Just to remember the (good?) days when I was TA in undegrad.

Supply-demand classic figure

For example, consider this classic supply-demand chart (right-click on the image to download the editable svg):

Example 1: Upper-scripts made with inkscape options.

If you’d like to include it in a LaTeX document or presentation you can write the tex formulas in the figure, like this:

Example 2: Upper-scripts made with LaTeX formulas in inkscape.

You can save the figure as svg and pdf with this options enabled (don’t forget to keep an svg copy):

PDF exporting options.

Finally you can create a pdf like this:




    \caption{Supply and demand.}


Check the result here.