• Anna-Lena Woelwer. Author, copyright holder.

  • Jan Pablo Burgard. Author, copyright holder.

  • Joshua Kunst. Author, copyright holder.

  • Mauricio Vargas. Author, maintainer, copyright holder.

  • Romain Francois. Contributor.
    adapted parts of the code to use dplyr 0.8.0

  • Lionel Henry. Contributor.
    simplified parts of the code

  • Sarah Johnson. Contributor.
    improved the double demeaning function

  • Hrisyana Doytchinova. Reviewer.
    sent us different suggestions and bug reports



Woelwer A, Burgard J, Kunst J, Vargas M (2022). gravity: Estimation Methods for Gravity Models. R package version 1.0, http://pacha.dev/gravity/.

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