SQL Databases for Students and Educators

Different SQL engines to cover small edge cases when moving between DB back ends

Mauricio “Pachá” Vargas S.


September 18, 2020

I’ve created the site db-edu.pacha.dev to offer free access to SQL databases.

Publicly accessible databases often impose query limits or require registration. Even when I maintain public and limit-free APIs, I never wanted to host a public database because I tend to think that the connection strings are a problem for the user.

Hosting different light/medium size by using PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQL Server backends (in strict descending order of preference!) covers a ton of small edge cases when moving between DB back ends and so testing lots with live databases is quite valuable. With this resource you can benchmark speed, compression, and DDL types.

Up to this day I have hosted the next databases:

On the website you’ll find detailed documentation, tables description, SQL dumps and instructions to run the databases locally.

If you need access to this resource

Please send me a tweet if you need the connection strings for your lectures or workshops. My Twitter username is @pachamaltese.

Support this work

You can ask me for more databases (check my Twitter username above).

I also have a Buy me a coffee profile. If you like my work, buy me a coffee, it shall be used to produce more of it. Thank you for your support!