The Hitchhiker's Guide to Ggplot2 + The Hitchhiker's Guide to Plotnine

About the bundle

Jodie Burchell and yours truly have published two books, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Ggplot and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Plotnine, on graphing in both R and Python using ggplot2 and plotnine, which are cross-language equivalents.

You can get the two books together for a special price if you buy The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Ggplot2 + The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Plotnine.

If you’d like to create highly customised plots, including replicating the styles of XKCD and also learning Python by doing what you do in R or viceversa, this is your combo!

This combo includes the R Markdown and Jupyter notebooks with all the exercises from the books.

Here’s a part of the steps to create the covers:


g <- ggplot() +
    data = filter(datasaurus_dozen, dataset == "dino"),
    aes(x = x, y = y), color = "#9ccbc7", size = 4
  ) +
  theme_minimal() + 
    plot.background = element_rect(fill = "#007d73"),
    axis.line = element_line(color = "#007d73"),
    panel.grid.minor = element_blank(),
    axis.ticks = element_line(color = "#007d73"),
    axis.text = element_text(color = "#9ccbc7",
                             family = "DecimaMonoPro",
                             size = 16),
    axis.title = element_text(color = "#9ccbc7",
                              family = "DecimaMonoPro",
                              size = 24)

  vp = viewport(
    angle = 15,
    width = unit(.75, "npc"),
    height = unit(.75, "npc")