d3po: R package for easy interactive D3 visualization with Shiny

The definitive htmlwidget is a combination of existing ideas, blended in a different way.

Mauricio “Pachá” Vargas S.


September 22, 2019

As an statistician, I feel really comfortable at using R, and lately I have started to build different dashboards for both public and private use.

R already features excellent visualization libraries such as D3 (via the r2d3 package) or plotly, however though those enable the creation of great looking visualisations they have very steep learning curves and even sometimes require some understanding of JavaScript.

There is also the highcharter package but the underlying JavaScript library (Highcharts) is not free for commercial and governmental use. My lastest project, Open Trade Statistics, features a Shiny Dashboard that uses highcharter.

I am already working on d3po, an open source alternative to highcharter that also takes ideas from echarts and related visualization libraries. This project had been running until recently, it is now on hold due to lack of funding necessary to cover the D3/JavaScript developments outside of my area of expertise.

If you can contribute to this initiative, I created a profile in Buy me a coffee where you can donate. Many thanks in advance!